House Republicans unveil aid bills for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan

House Republican leadership on Wednesday unveiled the legislative text for three bills that are part of a complicated plan by Speaker Mike Johnson to get aid to U.S. allies while addressing concerns from conservatives.

That's according to CBS News, Ukrinform reports.

The three bills would provide $26.4 billion to support Israel, $60.8 billion to bster Ukraine and $8.1 billion to counter China in the Indo-Pacific, including billions for Taiwan.

The fourth bill, which is set to be released later in the day, is geared toward addressing other G foreign picy priorities. That measure would allow the sale of frozen assets of Russian igarchs, potentially force the sale of TikTok and authorize stricter sanctions on Russia, China and Iran.

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Johnson said he would give lawmakers 72 hours to review the legislation, teeing up a vote as soon as Saturday.

Johnson said on Wednesday that the vote on aid bills, including one that provides assistance for Ukraine, would take place this Saturday, April 20.


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