Reform matrix provides for updating State Strategy for Regional Development, State Regional Development Fund – Ministry of Finance

The reform matrix, prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers in cooperation with the World Bank and presented by the Ministry of Finance, provides for the adoption of government resolutions on updating the State Regional Development Strategy until 2027 and establishing a procedure for maintaining the urban planning cadastre.

According to the published document, this year the updated State Strategy for Regional Development should be approved, and the State Regional Development Fund (SRDF) should be modernized. In addition, the laws "On Bodies of Self-Organization of Population" and "On Public Consultations" are expected to come into force.

"Create the legal, regulatory and financial framework necessary for regional and local governments to take on their expected role in the recovery and reconstruction process and, at the same time, to strengthen the capacity of the organizational units, systems and structures that will be used to set priorities, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects," the document describes the purpose of the reforms.

The reform matrix also provides for the approval of procedures for maintaining a number of registers, including the state-level Urban Planning Cadastre, the Unified State Address Register, the Unified State Register of Buildings and Structures, and the Unified State Register of Administrative Units.

As reported, Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko, at a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine on February 14, presented the Reform Matrix, which provides for the systematization of all reforms and obligations, analysis of necessary changes and planning for their implementation, constant monitoring, control of the status of implementation, identification of risks of non-fulfillment at all stages timely response, as well as accountability to society and international partners.


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