U.S. Senate tackles last obstacle before voting on Ukraine aid package

The U.S. Senate on Sunday voted for the termination of debates and amendments to Bill H.815, which provides for the allocation of $95 billion in support to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Voting took place on Sunday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

Sixty-seven senators supported the initiative to move forward with the aid package, while 27 legislators voted against it. The motion had to get at least 60 positive votes to pass.

Thus, the process of adting the bill laying down the assistance package is moving further along the legislative procedure. The next step should be the vote on the merits of the bill in its current form. At least 51 legislators must back the bill to this end.

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The vote is expected to be held in the coming days since at least 30 hours shall pass since the debates have been completed.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the leading presidential nominee from the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump, called for Congress to abandon any foreign assistance to other countries as such. In this regard, he stated that America should not allocate aid for free, but instead demand that these funds be repaid in the future.

Source: ukrinform.net

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