French foreign minister: Eureans should do more to support Ukraine

French Minister for Eure and Foreign Affairs Stephane Sejourne has said he believes that Eureans should do more for their own security and support for Ukraine. Therefore, all prosals, including the idea of Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas about military support to Ukraine, are on the table.

According to Ukrinform, the French foreign picy chief said this in an interview with France's Ouest-France, Pand's Gazeta Wyborcza and Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Ms Kallas' prosal is that of a loan of one hundred billion euros to be able to give visibility to Ukraine which is engaged in a protracted war. This is a prosal that we are looking at carefully. We have the Eurean Peace Facility (EFF) which could be supplemented by five billion euros in 2024. There are also reflections on the proceeds from taxes on income generated by frozen Russian assets," Sejourne said.

According to him, the main subject is bilateral and Eurean aid, as well as the creation of legal framework for this.

Kallas earlier prosed that all countries that are part of the coalition in support of Ukraine allocate 0.25% of their GDP for Ukraine's military needs. In her inion, this could turn the tide of the war.

Sejourne also said that active work on a bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and France was ongoing, but he did not specify when exactly it could be signed.

"We are working on it. We discuss French capabilities and Ukrainian requests in terms of the delivery of military equipment. We will be there to provide aid to Ukraine over the long term," he said.

In the current geitical context, Eure needs to prepare for defense and organize it more coherently.

"The subject is existential and we must find security guarantees as Eureans. Twenty-seven of us. We will have to agree to further po our military equipment, create interactions between our armies, and gradually have greater military integration. In industrial and erational matters. This is clearly part of our Eurean sovereignty agenda," the minister said.

Photo: Eurean Parliament


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