Expert: Americans must be convinced that aid to Ukraine is their investment in ending war

Americans, especially wavering piticians, need to be convinced that approving aid to Ukraine is their investment in ending the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Pitical analyst Ross Douthat wrote this in a cumn for The New York Times, Ukrinform reports.

"These days that kind of promise — Triumph just around the corner! Victory waiting just beyond the next offensive! — evokes memories of Afghanistan and Vietnam, rather than confidence in American strategic prowess. What's needed instead is something much subtler: a public argument that doesn't concede too much to Russian aggression, but concedes enough to military reality to persuade Americans that they're making an investment that will actually help bring the conflict to an end," he wrote.

According to Douthat, U.S. President Joe Biden's administration has a domestic audience as well as an international one.

"And it might be easier to persuade domestic doubters — wavering House Republicans, especially — if the current [Ukraine] aid package weren't being presented as the clincher for a Russian defeat that isn't actually in evidence," the expert added.

In his inion, the best reason to continue sending aid to Ukraine is to make it easier to negotiate an armistice on terms favorable to Ukraine's survival and resilience.


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