Ukraine’s Education Ministry ready to reschedule independent testing, entrance exams over quarantine

State final examinations for grades 4 and 9 will be cancelled.

Ukraine’s Education and Science Ministry says it is ready to reschedule external independent testing (EIT) for secondary schools and colleges, as well as university entrance exams because of the quarantine over the novel coronavirus.

“We are ready to launch the EIT in June, July, or even in mid-August,” acting Education Minister Lubomyra Mandziy said, according to the news outlet Hromadske. “If it’s in mid-August, then the testing procedure, results assessment will end in mid-September. The entrance campaign will be over by mid-October,” she said.

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If the education process resumes in May, the ministry is ready to conduct a trial EIT test in May. The final testing session will take place after June 20, she said.

If schools and colleges reopen in June, the trial EIT could be held in June before the start of the main session, which should also take place in June.

The entrance campaign will also be extended if the EIT takes place in June. The ministry should then prepare amendments to the rules for admission to higher education institutions.

The Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment will in mid-April release a video about the trial EIT, Mandziy said.

She assured that the testing would definitely take place this year.

Yet, she said, the state final examinations for grades 4 and 9 will be canceled.

The coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine is in effect until April 24.


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