Free psychogical help program for teenagers and youths launched in Ukraine

Ukraine is launching a project of free online psychogical assistance to teenagers and young pele, which will be provided within the framework of the joint partnership project of the Teenerizer charity and the YouthUp NGO with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Ukrinform learned about the project from its authors.

"ening up to a psychogist is unusual for Ukrainians. It is even more difficult for teenagers to trust a stranger. But recently, this trend is changing. Today, overcoming fear, anxiety, and shyness is increasingly becoming a sign of strength, the authors explain.

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“Specialists working on the program are meticulous about anonymity and guarantee non-disclosure of confidential data," emphasized the creators of the psychogical assistance project.

The project is part of the All-Ukrainian mental health program "How are you?", initiated by First Lady ena Zelenska.

Within its framework, psychogical support and assistance will be provided by vunteer students from the faculties of psychogy and social work. Often they themselves recently experienced the same problems as those who turn to them for help. This is a peer-to-peer consultation.

All consultations are individual, free and anonymous. They are provided online via chat on the Teenizer website (

Apathy, anxiety, bullying, sex education, HIV/AIDS prevention, and other tics are among those that can be addressed by counselors once teenager appeal for help.

Teenerizer is a charity that offers free and confidential psychogical support for teenagers.

The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) is a world leader in protecting the rights and interests of children, which erates in more than 190 countries and territories around the world to protect and support children from the moment they are born until the beginning of adulthood.

YouthUp is a public organization that sves the complex challenges of youth picy in Ukraine, an implementation partner of UNICEF.


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