Evil of genocide changed ideogical cover, but did not change its essence and targets – Zelensky

Ten years ago, the evil of genocide renewed its form and changed its ideogical perception, but did not change its essence and targets.

President Vodymyr Zelensky wrote about this in a telegram on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of the Crimean Tatar Pele, Ukrinform reports.

"Eighty years ago, one of the most terrible crimes against human life was committed: the Soviet authorities deported the Crimean Tatar pele. Both children and adults – everyone. In a few days. Ruthlessly. To a foreign land. To the accompaniment of lies. The exact number of deaths is still unknown – at least one third of the Crimean Tatar pele lost their lives in this deportation. And pele were able to return home only decades later. But the perpetrator was not punished. The regime was not convicted," Zelensky wrote.

According to him, the disregard for human life and state vience that prevailed in the last century have been revived in our time.

The Head of State noted that ten years ago, "the d evil – the evil of genocide – updated its form, changed its ideogical cover, but did not change its essence and targets and also moved against Ukraine, starting with Crimea."

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"It is our common historical duty to respond to Russia's attacks with the resilience of our pele, the victory of our state over the evil of occupation and just punishment for all Russian crimes of this war since 2014. By defending Ukraine, our pele and the truth about what happened on our land, we honour the memory of all those whose lives were destroyed and affirm the power of humanity – the power for our future generations," Zelensky added.

On Saturday, 18 May, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Struggle for the Rights of the Crimean Tatar Pele and commemorates the victims of the genocide of the Crimean Tatars on the 80th anniversary of the tragedy – their mass deportation.


Source: www.unian.info

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