North Yorkshire charity dispatches lorry of medical supplies for Ukraine

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The latest container is heading to Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine

A charity based in North Yorkshire has dispatched a lorry full of vital medical supplies to Ukraine.

Founded in 2004, PhysioNet usually supplies equipment to help people with physical disabilities in developing countries.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, the charity has sent several consignments to hospitals in Lviv and Kyiv.

The latest delivery is due to arrive in Zaporizhzhia within five days.

Charity founder Peter Thompson said they had begun by sourcing and supplying refurbished physiotherapy equipment for children.

"The truck that has just left is our 126th container to 29 countries, it sort of grew I didn't set out to do this by any means," he said.

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The charity collects items no longer needed by hospitals in the UK

It now collects redundant hospital hardware, wheelchairs and mobility aids from the NHS, councils, the Red Cross and private healthcare companies.

The items are refurbished where necessary before being dispatched.

Charity chairman David Kaye said their first shipment to Ukraine in the summer included hospital beds.

"It went directly to a military hospital in Lviv, it was that kind of hardware we were sending out.

"Now as winter comes along this shipment has got blankets and consumables as well."

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Volunteers help load the trucks before they are dispatched overseas

One of the army of volunteers, who once a month help load the trucks, is a Ukrainian refugee, who lives in Knaresborough.

Elina Kyrychock said the items were desperately needed in her country.

"They they suffer from cold, from war, they have no electricity, it is blackouts everywhere and no heating, they are in need," she said.

"I just want to say thank you to all English people for their help."

The latest container is being driven across Europe by Ukrainian Vitalii Volenko, a former commercial driver who has switched to transporting humanitarian aid.

"I work as a driver and also help load, some people help with money and food, but everybody helps how they can. I help by driving."

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