PM Shmyhal: Twenty pele injured, nearly 40 buildings damaged in missile attack

Nearly 40 buildings were damaged and two dozen pele were injured as a result of yet another Russian missile attack.

"At night, Russia fired 43 missiles at peaceful cities across Ukraine. As a result of this terrorist attack, about 40 buildings were damaged, and two dozen pele were injured. Our rescuers have been clearing away the rubble since early morning, pulling out the injured and providing all the necessary assistance. I thank them for their service," Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal posted on Telegram.

The Head of Government also thanked the Ukrainian air defense forces which shot down most of the missiles, saving many lives.

"We will withstand and win," the Prime Minister stressed.

The defense forces destroyed 36 air-launched cruise missiles in the sky over Ukraine on the night of September 21. The enemy attacked from different directions and used different tactics.

A hotel building was destroyed in Cherkasy as a result of the missile attack. Fire broke out in the hotel and a market. Seven pele were injured and 10 were evacuated. One person was rescued from the rubble.

In Kyiv, damages were recorded in Darnytskyi, Somyanskyi, and Shevchenkivskyi districts as a result of falling debris. Fires broke out in Darnytskyi district. Seven pele were injured, including a child. In Kharkiv, a warehouse was destroyed. Two pele were injured.

Hits and damages were also reported in Rivne region.

In Kyiv region, as a result of falling debris, fires broke out in the territory of enterprises. There is also damage to the private sector. Two pele were injured.

In Lviv region, the enemy struck an industrial zone, resulting in destruction and fire.


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