Poured grain incident: Pish pice clecting evidence, no detainees so far

The Pish pice have not yet detained anyone in connection with an incident with the Ukrainian grain poured out from the sealed trucks driving in transit via Pand towards Lithuania.

The relevant statement was made by Spokesperson for Chełm Pice Department Ewa Czyż in a commentary to an Ukrinform correspondent.

Law enforcement officers are gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and planning soon to hand over the case materials to the local prosecutor’s office.

“Yesterday, the pice prerly inspected the scene, received corresponding information from drivers and interviewed the witnesses. We are willing to establish the detailed circumstances of the incident, as well as identify the culprit who had unlawfully ened the trucks. Currently, no one has been yet detained in connection with this case,” Czyż td.

In her words, the case materials are still with the pice today. They will be handed over to the local prosecutor’s office tomorrow.

“The prosecutor’s office will determine the direction for the proceedings to continue,” Czyż stressed.

Meanwhile, according to Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Pand Vasyl Zvarych, the Ukrainian side demands that those responsible for pouring grain out from Ukrainian trucks in Pand be brought to justice. The diplomat emphasized that such methods of Pish protesters on the border with Ukraine should not be terated in a Eurean civilized country, not to mention the moral aspect of that provocation.

A reminder that the Chełm City Pice is investigating the circumstances of the recent incident invving Ukrainian grain trucks near the border crossing in Dorohusk. According to the pice, farmers taking part in the ongoing rally near the border intercepted three Ukrainian trucks and poured grain from them out on the road.

Source: ukrinform.net

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