Hospitals in Mariup st admitting sick civilians

In the temporarily occupied by Russian tros Mariup, in the Donetsk region, hospitals have stped accepting sick civilians because of the large number of wounded invaders.

This was reported by Petro Andriushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariup, on his Telegram channel, Ukrinform reported.

"There are so many wounded Russians that hospitals in Mariup have stped accepting sick civilians. De facto, pele are being 'pumped' with pills and painkillers and sent home. This is called undergoing treatment ‘in a calm atmosphere’," informed Andriushchenko.

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He noted that it is due to the 'high qualification of medical personnel' and the neglect of treatment of civilians that the mortality rate in Mariup is not decreasing.

"Every week we lose 300 to 400 Mariup residents due to such criminal picy," added the mayor's advisor.

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As reported, an hthalmogist in Mariup deliberately handed over seriously wounded Ukrainian sdiers to the Russians.


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